15 ноября 2016


During Interlight Moscow 2016 at the ExpoCentre the Italian company Martini Light presented the production company «MARTINI RUS»established in 2015, and its line of products created entirely in Russia.

“MARTINI RUS” showed to INTERLIGHT all of the creativity and “Italian know-how” that drive the company’s activities in the 5 areas in which it specializes: retail, hospitality, residential, office and urban lighting.

The entire range of products presented at the trade fair have been developed exclusively by «MARTINI RUS«, a production unit that the Martini company established in order to serve the local market with the quality standards and the specifications required in addition to the most competitive prices and shorter delivery times.

As at the company’s Italian facilities, «MARTINI RUS» is home to a lighting design studio, a place where knowledge is developed, tested and where it’s possible to take advantage of a consultancy and upgrading service that’s always available.

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