About Us

Martini’s strength — our strength — has always been to believe in the energy of new ideas. Martini has been among the first companies in the world to study and develop LED applications. Thanks to the heritage of expertise and know-how built over the years, today it is recognised as an international benchmark for applied technologies and product quality. This is the reason why, every year, Lighting Designers from the most important international architectural firms rely on our competence to develop and realize innovative solutions to illuminate buildings and urban spaces.

Excellence, creativity and capability are our pillars, the values that drive our activities in retail and hospitality, as well as in residential, office and urban lighting.

Martini Light

«Multiple projects, one inspiration only: to illuminate not only space, but the entire world where people live and work every day.»



From a small craftsman company to a big lighting manufacturer: our history recorded a rapid growth and a deep transformation, without ever losing the connection with our origins.

Italian Headquarter

In our Italian headquarters not only we carry out the creation and design stages, but we also take care of each single step of the manufacturing process. This allows us to make prototypes and made-to-measure fixtures rapidly and with excellent quality standards. This capability makes us strongly competitive on all major markets of the world.



Our team of professionals rich of ideas, skills and know-how, operates to create projects and products for worldwide distribution.

Every day, together with our President, Angelo Martini, and our Management, we devote ourselves with great passion and dedication to this 100% Italian project.



State-of-the-art technology, attention to R&D, high quality standards: these are the strong points we used to build a solid leadership at worldwide level.

Our products populate the world, meeting the most diverse design requirements.

Showroom Martini Milan

The Martini Illuminazione group opens Spazio Martini in Foro Bonaparte in Milan: a place where architects, designers and engineers may meet, present their projects and works, analyze in depth the relationship between architectural design and lighting technique design, study and get to know the latest research on the subject of the relationship between architecture and lighting.

From a physical and architectural point of view the Spazio Martini represents the conceptual transformation of the lighting fixture, which evolves from design object to a means of shaping and designing the architectural space through an attentive and skilful use of the light. This approach is based on a lighting technique design which accompanies and exalts every architectural project, enriching it with technical, performative and emotional contents linked to the development of light fixtures of the last generation, as LED illumination which represents the main source of light in the spaces.

Showroom Russia

Spazio Martini Moscow  is a place where lighting technique design is studied, a place where the know-how developed by the company’s research and experimentation department may be shared with others, and where one may receive consulting and updating services at any moment.

The company’s dream and purpose coincide with the desire to make the fascinating effects and experience of light a part of every project, by sharing not only the passion but an advanced lighting technique culture with all those who see light not only as a functional necessity but, above all, as a means of eliciting emotions.

Extended 5 years warranty Martini

How to request a registration form for the extended warranty.

With this possibility of extension to five years we want to give a further clear safety message to all our customers. The guarantee is only applies after accepting  the warranty conditions and after completing the registration form for extended warranty that you can request here.

Warranty Conditions